A true place of study

Dominican Sisters give you the opportunity to live in the heart of the city, in a calm, safe, friendly and modern environment. Our residence offers few rooms which ensures a true place of study, with comfortable rooms and ample common spaces. Independence and good company are combined to organize your university life. With many services included and some additional ones so that you can focus on the essential, your studies.

The university residence Maria, Reina de la Pau of the Dominican sisters of the Presentation is located in the center of Barcelona, next to Plaça Sant Jaume (behind the city hall), a completely restored nineteenth century house. All rooms have large windows, lots of light, heating and air conditioning. It has a spacious terrace with beautiful views of Barcelona, and a solarium space, ideal for studying, reading, relaxing and sunbathing.

The house has a privileged location both thanks to its location - the Gothic quarter - and for its easy transport by metro, bus, taxi and / or bicycle. Going to university can be a pleasant stroll which saves time and transport costs, since we are a 5 or 10 minute walk from several universities and 10 minutes by foot from the beach and near the Parc de la Ciutadella. There is a Bicing station (public bicycle service) 100 meters away.


Sister Gemma Morató Sendra, Dominican Sister of the Presentation, born in Reus (1972), PhD in Humanities, Journalist, graduate in Moral Theology and Special Education Teacher, manages the residence Maria, Reina de la Pau.

With a long teaching background and management experience, she has taught journalism and theology in different university centres for 20 years and she makes the university residence a welcoming place, where people are at the heart of this centre and where values such as respect, solidarity and obviously, studying, guide the movements of the centre.
Being knowledgeable about the university world allows sister Gemma to be up to date with the challenges of this world and advise at specific moments of the student's university life. Together with the other community sisters and staff you will always find someone willing to help you.
Varied full buffet breakfast

Self-service. Every day, including Sundays and holidays

Cleaning service

The common areas are cleaned daily and the rooms weekly, including a change of linen and towels. A duvet and a blanket will always be available in your room

Fast internet connection

Symmetric fiber optic 1Gb. Cable and WIFI

Air conditioning and heating

Neither hot nor cold in all rooms

Maintenance service

To make sure everything is in perfect condition


Water (decalcified throughout the house), electricity and gas. You don’t have to worry about paying bills

Study rooms

Library, study and computer rooms. With internet, air conditioning, computers and laser colour printer (you must pay your monthly copies)

Living rooms

TV, music, DVD, satellite TV and sound system. Movies and books available

Music room

Soundproofed with a piano and a rehearsal mirror

Dining room and kitchen

Small kitchen with the necessary utensils, fridge, cooker, microwave and a personal freezer drawer, as well as sandwich maker, Nespresso/Dolce Gusto coffee machine, toaster... And special tap water by reverse osmosis


Open all day 

Reception and visit hall

To welcome visitors, be they friends or family

Terrace with solarium

Ideal for studying and relaxing

Fitness gym

Included with half board or full board. Small, but with professional machines: weights, elliptical, bicycle, vibrating...


If you do not want to climb stairs

Magnetic key or normal key
First card or key to the room is free
Reception of calls

In all rooms and common rooms


Security company and surveillance cameras

Half or full board

Choose between lunch and dinner, permanently, according to your academic timetable -see packs- or by tickets -10 tickets, € 110-

Laundry room

Self-service washing / dryer machine + free use of iron. Detergent and conditioner to be brought by the resident. You can dry your clothes out on the terrace. € 

Laundry service

No worries, we wash, iron and deliver it folded. A washing machine € 10

Space with vending machine for coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Drinks and snacks. From 0,80 €. 
Safety box

You can hire one for your room during the entire academic year. € 20 month

Printing and copying

Print or photocopy any document. From € 0.15 to € 0.35

Luggage room

Safe. During the summer or for some days. € 4 day

Copy of the card or key

If you spoil or lose the bedroom card or key to the room. € 15