A desire to create a good atmosphere

To help your colleagues, to participate in some activities that can be programmed (meetings, conferences, Film Forums,…), and a wish to grow your human and/or Christian values.

No smoking

Smoking, lighting candles and incense in the rooms or anywhere else in the residence is prohibited, according to Catalan laws. All rooms have fire detectors and therefore, in case of smoking an alarm will immediately sound.


Bringing and consuming illegal substances and alcohol in the residence is prohibited.

The right of expulsion is reserved

The right of expulsion is reserved for those who make the day-to-day living difficult with inappropriate behaviour, those who disobey the internal regulations or misuse the residence facilities. In case of accumulating three warnings the resident will be expelled. The day after an expulsion the resident must leave the room before 3 p.m. In this case, the deposit is not returned.